The successful story of TARK goes back to the year 2000 ...

Nothing is impossible for us. We need challenges and this is why those jobs that initially seem impracticable are our favourite.

Since our earliest beginnings, we have always invested all our efforts and know-how into solving customers’ problems. We treat each job as a challenge, approaching it comprehensively, professionally and responsibly, being aware that the customer’s satisfaction is the most solid foundation for a long-term partnership.

We have more than 3,200 successfully completed projects behind us.

Years of working in the paper industry, which requires extremely fast and professional problem solving, have provided us with valuable experience that is helpful in any new applications. We stand out due to our innovative approach to problems, which allows us to solve tasks that may seem impossible to others.

After ten years of operation, when its ownership structure changed in 2011, TINEX VZDRŽEVANJE was renamed to TARK.

In essence, however, we have remained the same: creative professionals who provide a top-level service and an individual and innovative approach to each task.

To ensure your satisfaction, we approach projects as a team and with a high degree of boldness and responsibility.

We try to avoid conventional and well-trodden paths – they lead to nothing new. We prefer to tackle each job as though it is our first. We find the best solutions to tasks in our large pool of working experience, enhanced with expertise and the latest findings in the field. Once this is combined with creativity, a resource our team abounds in, we can find excellent solutions that will impress.

Our long-standing experience and expertise provide us with the ability to react quickly on our path to finding a solution. This wealth of past experience is the reason why we can react appropriately even in unexpected situations. Our team works as a well-coordinated unit to ensure professional, effective and quality performance. Professionalism is fundamental to good service, but good service also requires creativity and boldness. And we have plenty of both – to the great appreciation of our customers.


Years of working in the paper industry, which requires extremely fast and professional problem solving, have provided us with valuable experience that is helpful in any new applications.

If the best has not been made, we invent it ourselves!

Double sieve press

Double press + three levels = excellent results.

Our double sieve press can be useful in various industrial processes. Its capacity is reflected in the condensation of matter at the level of particles, and the result of the process is a high degree of dryness. This dryness is enabled by its innovative pressing action, which takes place in three ways: between plates, by means of two-way roller action and by means of the forced loading of rollers.

Spending money on this powerful double sieve press is a great investment, since it increases the efficiency of your industrial processes.

Gravitational condenser

Gravitation not only grounds but also condenses.

Our gravitational condenser demonstrates its efficiency in procedures involving compressing matter during various industrial processes. Since it involves condensing a substance solely by means of gravitation, which drains water without any forced pressing, the result of the gravitational condensation procedure is a relatively moist condensed substance. Our gravitational condenser is also useful in procedures for the purification of liquids as it has the ability to eliminate solid particles from liquids.

One can do a lot, but several can do more.
For this reason, we occasionally cooperate with trustworthy partners who help us find effective solutions.

Our business partner Messfeld, in brief

Messfeld has been our business partner for a number of years. We often meet for projects that require innovative solutions related to equipment status control.

We value them for being experienced experts with wide knowledge in the field of analysing the dynamic properties of technical systems; they are proficient at natural frequency analysis and modal analyses, analyses of torsional vibrations and analysis of deformation during operation. In addition to these, Messfeld also performs noise analyses. Their high professional competence is reflected in the fact that they pass on their know-how to others and provide training in the field of advanced maintenance technologies.


Our business partner Tinex industrijska diagnostika, in brief

We collaborate with Tinex industrijska diagnostika on projects that require measurement and analysis of mechanical vibrations, rotor mass balancing, laser shaft alignment, machine geometry control, analysis of the dynamic properties of technical systems, measurements and analyses of specific machine deformations during operation and endoscopy.

The employees of Tinex industrijska diagnostika are distinguished by their modern equipment, accuracy and reliability, which is why we enjoy working with them. Another indication of how technologically well-equipped they are is that the company is the Slovenian authorised representative of the leading manufacturer of measuring equipment, Prüftechnik.